VacAgent is a B2B vacation rental online reservation system for travel agents, property managers, and online portals. VacAgent consolidates an extensive selection of different channel management and property management systems. In addition, we also offer directly contracted properties.

We are proud to use the world’s most advanced technology, with a focus on instant innovation and keeping up with the current market trends. If you would like to be a part of our ongoing success – you've come to the right place!

VacAgent is accessible for tourism professional only:
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Relocation Companies

Travel Agents

As a travel agent, you are granted access to our wide range of The Largest Vacation Rentals Marketplace for Travel Agents and Property Managers. You can search net prices and book instantly.

Optional: You can add your own price markup. Agents may download property profiles or use our “White Label Send to Guest Interface” in order to prepare bookable links of properties according to guests’ requests, sending them directly from our website with no mention of VacAgent. VacAgent also offers travel agents the opportunity to work with third-party travel agents from around the world.

API: VacAgent’s API allows you to pull properties from VacAgent to any other platform.


Simply search, evaluate and book. You can also use VacAgent to book with a price markup, or download multiple properties and show to your client. A valid credit card is required to pay for the booking.

Credit line: you may also apply for a credit line with VacAgent. We require a minimum deposit of 5000$.

Using your private login details, you can view full reports and reservation history information.
For most of our rentals you will get an instant confirmation. For a limited few, you may get a booking request. A booking request means that the rental owner still has to "approve" the reservation via email or text message once it arrives. Confirming a booking request may take up to 24 hours.
We act only as an intermediary in making arrangements for rental properties and do not assume any responsibility for any service provided by the final host and make no representations or warranties (express or implied) about the suitability or quality of rental properties and services featured in this Website.
You, as the travel agent, charge the guest for the entire stay. We will issue an invoice to you for the NET amount (the rental cost minus your agreed commission). We offer multiple payment options. Please discuss payment options with your account manager.


VacAgent charges a 15% commission from the host.
There are 3 types of reservation:
  • Direct - When a direct booking is made, VacAgent charges the customer for a down payment equivalent to VacAgent’s realtor fee.
  • Agent via host/property manager referral - Agent bookings are charged like direct bookings, only the agent referral fee is added to the down payment, i.e. the down payment equals the agent fee plus the VacAgent fee.
  • Travel Agent - Travel Agent booking is done by the travel agent. The travel agent charges the guest for the entire stay. The travel agent then pays VacAgent for the entire reservation. In this case VacAgent will pay the host for its rental cost.
No, currently there is no extra commissions. We do reserve the right to add / change commission structure in the future.
Yes, VacAgent charges 100% of the cost once a reservation is approved.
The payment is made after check in date on the 1st or 15th of each month only.
Commission are acceptable for 14 business days after wiring the funds. At the end of that period, there will be no further changes.
Both options apply. A minimum of USD $5000 credit line deposits are available.
Simply contact us and our customer service will be happy to assist you.
Refunds apply according to each property's cancellation policy. Refunds are made via credit card of bank transfers within 14 business days of cancellation date.
No. Transaction fees will be waived in case of a refund.