Hosts & Property Managers

Property Managers

Yes, you can create a list of bookable apartments with their net rates and send them to your potential guest. Do not forget to add your price markup. An instant booking option is also available, wherein you may book instantly without the need to ask the host for final confirmation.
Yes, you can make any commission you like. Just add your price markup and send it to the guest. You can also collect the guest's credit card details and book with them directly, i.e. you can first create a booking for them and then mention your "markup".
If you receive a booking request that you do not want to accept, you can simply "reject it". If you receive an instant booking, you need to accept it as part of the requirements for offering the instant booking option.
VacAgent’s overbooking penalty is a 12% fine. You are also responsible for providing and booking another vacation home for the guest whom you overbooked. The guest must be satisfied with the new available apartment. We encourage you to use VacAgent to find alternative apartments.
Simple. Just ask one of our customer service representatives. You can also go to your account, enter the "reservation code", and our site will provide you with these details.
You are allowed to charge a deposit according to the booking terms and conditions that were set when you registered.
In the case that you do not accept credit cards, you may ask VacAgent to charge a credit card for you and then wire you the money via bank transfer or PayPal.

Please Note: VacAgent cannot give you a tax receipt for this transaction. In addition, VacAgent charges a 2% credit card fee. VacAgent will wire you the funds once the payment from the credit card company has been completed, which can take a minimum of 30 business days. VacAgent also charges a commission for the bank transfer made to you.
Yes, charging a rental down payment carries a 2% fee charged from the credit card company. When VacAgent pays you your down payment, this 2% will be calculated from the total sum.
VacAgent pays you the rental down payment upon check out.
  • If the guest recognizes that at least one detail of the property was falsely misrepresented on the property profile, then the guest is entitled to leave without being required to pay a fine, as per the cancellation policy.
  • If the guest simply does not like the apartment, there is no refund for the advance deposit.
  • Any dispute has to be resolved between the guest and the host. VacAgent as a third-party is not involved in or responsible for dispute resolution.
  • A host holds the credit card details of the guest for security purposes, and may use them if necessary.
Hosts are responsible for their own properties. VacAgent encourages hosts to charge a security deposit.
As a host, you may receive payment in cash upon arrival, or you may receive a bank transfer from VacAgent on the day of checkout.

Please Note: If a reservation was made via VacAgent’s travel agent program, you may not receive cash upon arrival.
As a host, you get paid by VacAgent on the day of check out.
Yes, you can set up a down payment by going to your Account under "Settings".
Yes, a security deposit can be charged from the guest's credit card. You may also ask for an extra deposit directly from the guest via bank transfer/PayPal.
After the reservation is approved, both the host and the guest exchange contact details.


Cancellation policies may vary from property to property. VacAgent clearly shows the cancellation policy before you confirm the booking. Some properties have a non-refundable policy. It is your responsibility to carefully check the cancellation policy prior to confirming the booking.
Rental owners can collect 100% of the fee for no-shows. No refunds will be accepted.
If a property is overbooked, VacAgent is responsible for presenting alternative options to the agent/end-customer. VacAgent is known for its excellent customer support. We offer access to dedicated, professional, and multilingual customer service 24/7.
As VacAgent works seamlessly in the background, the vouchers will always have your own brand logo and contact details, without any reference to us. We also add our emergency phone number, full details of the rental property, and instructions for the clients.